Dr. Lorraine Hurley

Dr. Lorraine Hurley

Dr. Lorraine Hurley is the host of
Uncommon Awareness (UA).
This program airs Monday-Friday from 5 to 7PM ET on the Genesis Communication Network (GCN)

The mission of UA is to raise awareness of issues not commonly, or truthfully, reported in the mainstream media or disseminated through the other institutions that define our day-to-day lives. The shows name reflects the following belief; that true awareness is uncommon and that an expansion of awareness changes everything. It changes our outlook, our view of reality and the substance and power of our lives

The human race is in the midst of an extraordinary time on Earth. What we have been indoctrinated and manipulated into believing about the world we live in and our own nature is being challenged and exposed as a lie of cosmic proportion. This difficult and startling realization is paradoxically a gift. Once we appreciate that we are living in a matrix built on deception, fraud and an insane desire for total control, we can begin to ask and answer important and relevant questions that free us to live mindfully, consciously and expansively.

In order to exercise our power, and thus dissolve the matrix, we must expand our awareness first of HOW it is being usurped, how we have been compromised and parasitized. Then we must do the inner work of releasing our limiting and destructive fears and beliefs so we may responsibly and creatively take our collective destiny under expanded conscious control.

Uncommon Awareness strives to bring guests to the program from extraordinarily diverse backgrounds, interests and accomplishments. Uncommon Awareness promotes:

  • Nutritional, functional, natural, energetic and other alternative health practices that heal and cure.
  • Education on the nature of reality and consciousness from progressive science, metaphysical, indigenous and esoteric teachings.
  • An expansive view of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.
  • Revelations on human origins, potential, evolution and ascension.
  • Parapsychology and psychic development.
  • The exploration of ancient wisdom teachings and ancient technologies.
  • Discussions about mad science such as trans-humanism, synthetic biology, Geo-engineering, GMO’s, AI (artificial intelligence).
  • Discussions about the extraordinary geniuses, discoveries, technologies and accomplishments in our world that are confiscated, suppressed, denied, illegal and censored.
  • Exposure of the matrix and NWO agendas.
  • The truth about ALL, national and international mainstream institutions of governance, religion, media, education, military, banking and medicine.
  • Peaceful, intelligent and powerful activism.
  • Ecology, sustainability, food and energy sovereignty.
  • Discussions on forbidden, revised and hidden history.
  • Discussion of the cosmological influences and forces affecting Earth and her inhabitants SOUL-UTIONS for the challenges of the 21st century.

Our take on reality is often disturbing at Uncommon Awareness. But, our goal is not to be another fear-mongering, hand wringing, purveyor of bad news. Our goal is to bring you into an awareness of how you can re-write the script, re-work the experiences of your lives and harvest meaning, purpose and joy out of your daily life despite all our challenges.

We wouldn’t be anything without you—the listener. So please, participate, make your voice and experience known to us. Thank you for your interest in what we are doing!

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